About Me

My Path to Being a Leader

I am Niko and I am an Eagle Scout in the Cherokee Area Council, John Ross District of the Boy Scouts of America.  I was a leader in training through my involvement with Troop 224 holding many unit positions during my tenure in the unit such as, Webmaster, Troop Guide, ASPL, and two terms as Senior Patrol Leader. I am involved in a high adventure program with Venturing Crew 2125 and I help to lead the council Venturing program in my position of Ad-Hoc President of the Council VOA.

Currently, I am in service as the Chief for a second term for Talidandaganu’ Lodge #293, with the Boy Scouts of America National Honor Society, the Order of The Arrow. 


I have always been home educated by my mother through Forster Academy, and we have always made my Scouting a core of my education. I used Time 4 Learning, and Khan Academy for the “three R’s”, but center most of my educational base on life skills and common sense.

Since I was a child, I have always had my mind set on some form of Architecture, but I do go back and forth with the type I want to focus on… so many choices!

Skating into my current profession…

At the age of 15, I was asked onto the staff at Hamilton Skate Place in Chattanooga, TN., a facility I spent several days a week at enjoying skating and fellowship. I would randomly help just do things that needed doing… like picking up trash, or helping people with their skates. It is just part of my nature to be that guy. Anyway, the management, who knew me by name, took note of the things that I did without being an employee, so they asked me to become part of their staff.

While I was employed there, I was the “do it all” dude at HSP. I spent most of my time when I work, running the skate room, but there were many times that I doubled responsibilities and worked the counter, redemption, DJ and the snack bar.

I was the HSP mascot, RollerRoo, and for our local school fundraising activities, I visited the schools during release, in costume (and roller skates) waving and getting the kids excited to come and spend the evening at the rink while raising money for their school. It is a super fun part of my job.

Serving others opens opportunities

In September of 2018, Mom and I decided to visit TechTown Foundation because she signed me up to take their Homeschool Days – Computer Building and Coding 101 class. Once there, the lead trainer Samantha asked me about my abilities and knowledge of computers and mentioned that the class I had signed up for maybe a bit below my level.

Since we had already paid for the class, I decided to go ahead and learn about the Kano Computer anyway with the rest of the younger kids that were there to take it. As she mentioned, it was way easy for me to build the kit, and I flew through the coding in about thirty minutes – total from build start to code complete. I got done so fast that the other kids began to ask for my help, and since Samantha was the only instructor for 10 children, she asked me to assist them, which was no problem. 

My training as a Scout shone through in service to others this day, and the next day I received an email offering me a job as a Training Assistant. The job entailed assisting in our local schools, in their after-school programs teaching STEM technology classes such as Robotics, Computer Coding, 3D Modeling & Building, and Film Design. When Samantha left TechTown, I continued to work in the schools with Luis for a few months, but it eventually fizzled out.

As you can see, I am quite a busy guy, and this is just the beginning for me at 19 years old. I do have to give credit to my Scouting tenure and the leadership in it for where I am so early in my life. You can read more about scouting, technology, skating, and leadership on the pages of my site.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is the trail that the Scout shall know,
Where knightly qualities thrive and grow.
The trail of HONOR, TRUTH and WORTH,
And the strength that spring, from the good brown earth.
The trail that Scouts, in their seeking blaze,
Through the toughest tangle, the deepest maze.
Till out of boyhood the Scout comes straight,
To manhood’s splendid and high estate.