Eagle Scout Court of Honor

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor is a gathering with the goal of recognizing a Scout who has attained Scouting’s highest rank. They often feature a variety of very special ceremonies commensurate with the high honor being bestowed upon outstanding young people.

If you are visiting this website, and have come across this page, we welcome you. This page stands as the historical representation for the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Niko.

You Are Invited

This is the trail that the Scout shall know,
Where knightly qualities thrive and grow.
The trail of HONOR, TRUTH and WORTH,
And the strength that spring, from the good brown earth.
The trail that Scouts, in their seeking blaze,
Through the toughest tangle, the deepest maze.
Till out of boyhood the Scout comes straight,
To manhood’s splendid and high estate.