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  • A Virtual Court of Honor

    A Virtual Court of Honor

    Time for Niko’s last Court of Honor as a youth in Troop 224. Virtual… Not how we expected to finish this thing as a youth, but he has worked hard and consistently for the recognition he will get tonight: 9 more merit badges (for 50 total) World Conservation Award National Outdoor Achievement – Conservation Award…

  • Eagle In, Not Out

    Eagle In, Not Out

    The day has come, and it is time to reflect on the work I have done through my years in Scouting. Tonight is the night that I sat for my Eagle Board of Review. I have worked hard for this day. My parents have pushed hard for this day. I am proud of my accomplishments,…

  • Heyyyyyyy – What’s Up!?!?

    Heyyyyyyy – What’s Up!?!?

    Well, I got me a website again. Had one since I was a kid, but never had it online.  Figured it was time I got it back up and going. Anyway, hit me up sometime! itszarky@nikolaskai.com

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